Mar 26, 2012

The 5th Annual Creative Freelancer Conference, June 21-22 in
Boston (early bird deadline is this Friday, March 30!), is rapidly
approaching and for today’s podcast interview, we have Sarah
Durham, Founder of Big Duck. Sarah’s session will be The Nuts and
Bolts of Pricing and Negotiating

At Big Duck, they design exclusively with nonprofit
organizations. In fact, they haven’t worked with a for-profit
organization in over a dozen years. With such specific experience,
I asked Sarah to share some insight into pricing for

Q: How do you handle pricing for nonprofits? Should you
offer discounts?

Sarah: “I think with nonprofits…this idea that they don’t have
any money for communications is both true and false. It’s true in
that most nonprofits, and particularly very small nonprofits,
haven’t budgeted for communications. They aren’t thinking the way a
tech startup would think … making sure that they have a marketing
person and a budget…Communications tends to be overlooked and

With that said, they have missions that require them to
communicate … when they understand the importance of the work we do
for them, they put together budgets.”

Listen to our 14-minute interview to hear more on pricing and
non profits.

Use your Big Ticket pass to catch this CFC session – or register
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