Mar 16, 2012

As we get ready for the 5th Annual Creative Freelancer Conference, June 21-22 in
Boston, we’re doing a podcast interview series with our speakers!
Recently, we featured Dyana Valentine and Mark O’Brien. Today, we have Shane Pearlman,
describing his upcoming session, “Planning for the First Year of

Read an excerpt below and listen to the 10-minute interview, in
which Shane talks about the biggest mistakes he sees freelancers
make, and more.

When it comes to being a successful freelancer, there are three
areas that stick in Shane’s head:

  1. how to make the money (sales, marketing, contacts)
  2. how to keep the money you made (track time, manage contacts,
  3. how to be happy and balance it all

In his session, he’ll describe how to succeed in each of these

In addition to the road to success, we also talked about common
mistakes that freelancers make.

Shane said,

“Another mistake I see all the time—this is probably the most
common—is waiting to sell until they need it. So, you get really
busy, and you think, ‘I’m so busy, I can’t think about sales, I’m
busy!’ Then by the time you get to the point when you think, ‘I
wish I had something to do, I should start selling’–well, that’s
three months too late.”

Listen to the rest here. 

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