Naturally, at this point in our conversation, I was curious. How had he gone from an initial investment of $50 to over $15,000 in revenue?

“In the beginning, it was just me, and I was doing three or four cars a day. I’ve done up into six cars a day which I’d never do again. That’s 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM with no breaks…

“At that time, all I was doing was direct mail. I actually taped flyers on the front of mailboxes. I think it’s illegal, but nobody complained.”

He also ended up hiring his best friend, Matt.

“He’s on my basketball team and was trying to make some money… So he did all the details and I taught him how to do it.

“I handled the business side of things — the customer scheduling, supplies, marketing, etc — and he handled operations…”

The business snowballed. People told their friends, who then told their friends, and Bruce receives random messages.

Their prices are also competitive. $50 for a sedan and $75 for an SUV. They wash the cars, wax the paintwork, and a bunch of other things.

All in all, one car takes two hours to detail. Of this, Bruce pays Matt $25 per sedan and $35 per SUV, and Matt keeps tips.

Bruce also runs Facebook ads.

“I usually do three ad sets… I always narrow it down to Birmingham, Alabama, because that’s our service area. I do one general ad set which is everybody 18 through to 65 in Birmingham. And then my second ad set is 18 to 65 in Birmingham, but only the top 50% of income…

“Our third ad set is 18 to 65 people who were like in our niche. So people who are interested in mobile detailing, auto detailing, car collecting — that kind of thing…

“For the actual ad, I’ve used pictures of cars we’ve done before… I keep it simple and it works well.”

How much does he spend on Facebook ads?

“$5 day. I’m doubling down on Facebook until it stops working, which I don’t see happening any time soon.”

Takeaway: Deliver a valuable service that people will talk about and accelerate sales with targeted ads.

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