Mar 12, 2012

Bryn Mooth is an independent journalist and copywriter focused
on food, wellness and creativity—she blogs at — and I’ve been following her
marketing journey since she became self-employed less than a year

Lately, we’ve been talking about the merits of LinkedIn, and
Bryn has dedicated time, twice a week, to gain visibility and find
prospects using it. This past week, she turned a LinkedIn
connection into a client! How? (If you want to learn by doing, join
the next Basic Marketing Group that starts Wed. March

In our latest interview, Bryn describes what she did: 

She narrowed: To be with her ideal prospects,
she joined a group on LinkedIn called “Food Industry Marketing and
Communications Professionals” – looking to find people at food
brands or in food marketing – rather than the broader “food

She participated: This is an active group with
6500+ members, with people posting links to articles and questions.
Bryn participates by commenting on articles others have posted,
responding to questions and initiating her own discussions.

She reached out directly: Bryn also scans the
group members and reaches out to connect directly if it looks like
a good fit. Recently, she connected with one member in Texas, the
principal of marketing group in the food industry, and now that’s
turned into a small project for her company – but there’s larger
potential, if it goes well, for this agency to hire Bryn for their
client projects, making her an excellent referral source and

 What did Bryn say to connect with this
prospect? Listen here to find out.


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