Feb 8, 2012

Last time I talked to independent journalist and copywriter,
Bryn Mooth, from Writes4Food, she confessed to slowing down in December
and paying the price in January.

When I asked her, “What could you have done differently to avoid
this slowdown?” Bryn said, “I should have put more effort into
marketing in October and November.”

Bryn realized, “This marketing stuff isn’t hard, except if you
wait until you’re really slow and you’re desperate and have to do
it all at once.” By plugging marketing into her calendar, and doing
marketing steadily, she says, “It’s not hard, it’s not time
consuming, it’s not overwhelming.”

In this 19-minute interview, we talk about the actions Bryn has
been taking to ramp up her marketing machine, with a special focus
on how she’s using LinkedIn to:

• Decide which groups to join

• Ask and answer questions

• Get introductions from her connections

• Turn connections into phone calls

See how her marketing efforts have paid off in just one

Listen here…

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