Mar 7, 2012

Amy Graver’s design firm, Elements, positions themselves as a “virtual
marketing department.” It’s a strong positioning for them—but the
only challenge is, with such a potentially broad audience (Who
doesn’t need a virtual marketing department?), where do you go to
find those prospects? How do you efficiently locate those

When it comes to Amy, I have a sense there is also something
else involved in their success, so in our recent interview, I asked

“There is something in you, in the way you talk about what your
firm can do, that I feel almost balances the need for a target
market. I imagine you can sell anything to anyone… You can talk to
anyone anywhere, and maybe as a result, you don’t have to say,
‘Alright, I’m doing healthcare… Alright, I’m doing financial
services….’ What do you say to that?”

Amy responded: 

“I never saw myself as a salesperson, but my father used to say
I could talk the paint off a barn … I feel very comfortable talking
to anybody and finding something in common. I also think it’s my
passion for what I do. I really believe in us, I believe in my
team. I’ve made very careful hires … Every time we have a new hire,
I want to know what they bring that’s unique, because I’m going to
go out and talk to the clients about it. It adds to the depths of
who we are as an agency… The creativity, passion and love of what
we do comes across … We’re doing great things for our clients.
We’re a thinking, strategic, creative agency. Our clients seem to
agree. One of our best resources is all the referrals we get from
our clients…”

I also asked Amy, “What suggestion do you have for someone who
is resisting the idea of targeting a market and wants to apply
their services to many different industries?”

For this answer, and more, listen to this 19-minute

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