Feb 29, 2012

Stephanie Helline, Owner of Strategic
Design Studio, had a very surprising response to her latest
email newsletter. The topic was, “Is the Business
Card DEAD?” and she didn’t think much of it when she scheduled
it to go out Friday morning. She didn’t even like the topic much,
but she was committed to staying in touch monthly with her list of
150+ so she wrote it, scheduled it to send and forgot about it.

“A little after 10, the phone rang,” she says. “A client
mentioned my newsletter; we talked about a small job, we talked
about a larger job. The phone rang again. I looked and noticed
there were voicemails. As I was on the phone, emails were popping
into my inbox. I wouldn’t want to say this went viral, but viral
for me, definitely.”

Stephanie had originally thought this topic would be a
non-event. She thought everyone knew that business cards weren’t
dead. When the calls started coming in, she had an ah-ha

“Even though I’m constantly looking at marketing techniques,
maybe not all my clients aren’t looking at them in the same way,”
she said. 

“When I first started writing about the business card, I thought
I need to add something more… So I took it one step further and
talked about adding a QR code, and remembering to add your social
media contacts. I mentioned that some people now scan cards so it’s
important to present simply so scanners will work. I talked about
digital printing for business cards.” (Read Stephanie’s
newsletter here.)

Listen to this 13-minute interview, in which she

  • How she decides what to write about
  • How long does it takes
  • What her process is?
  • Whether it’s worth it?

She also shares four excellent tips for anyone who might be
struggling to get their newsletter out consistently.

Listen here.

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