Jan 13, 2012

Recently I interviewed Scott Hull (www.scotthull.com),
an agent for illustrators who, when you ask what he does, says he,
“links creativity to the corporate world.”

We talked a lot about how illustration has changed and who the
new “art buyers” are. He shared some interesting information for
creatives and illustrators—especially when it comes to selling
themselves to art buyers and agencies.

Scott believes that we’ve fallen short in marketing creative
services and that what the new art buyers care about is: What value
are you going to bring to me? How are you going to make my life

So how can a creative sell themselves?

Scott says:

An illustrator can talk about the value they bring and the
potential return on investment over stock illustration or

He also suggests emphasizing turnaround time.”The illustrator
has the training and sense to convert concepts into a visual
translation in 3-4 weeks. This is probably one of the biggest sales
tools I have found.”

In this interview, Scott also shares his thoughts on:

Students coming out of art school, what should they do?

Can an illustrator directly approach an art buyer?

Can an illustrator learn enough about ROI to persuade corporate

Listen to this 14-minute interview on the Marketing Mentor

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