Feb 1, 2012

In this world where “content is king,” more and more of
marketing is “content marketing.” With the need for content so
vast—you can be a writer who specializes in exactly what a prospect
needs, such as a web writer, content strategist, direct response
writer or technical writer.

Stacey King Gordon, from Suite Seven, started as just a plain “writer”
in 1998, and now she’s a “content strategist.” An evolution
happened during that time, in which she realized what type of
writer she wanted to be—for herself and for her clients.

In my first interview with Stacey, we talked about
the process of renaming her business. In this interview, I wanted
to delve deeper with Stacey to determine how the shift from
“writer” to “content strategist” happened.

She answers these questions:

●      Was there a gradual shift in perception or

●      Where did the process begin?

●      How did confidence play a role?

●      How long did it take?

●      What marketing outlets did you change

●      How is she gaining recognition in the
content strategy community?

Stacey also talks about her new elevator pitch, why she was
choosy about which portfolio items to show, and more…

Listen here.

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